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CGI Development

3D Modeling - Shooting

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VFX / Motion Graphics

Visual Effects - Animation

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Post Production

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About Us

Automax Animations was established in the Year 2009. It started with a small team, catering to animation web and graphic services and currently it has spread its wings under 4 different business-units, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, VFX and Film making. It is a growing Graphics and Animation studio operating from the Heart of Jaipur City. After a 4 years of experience in VFX, Graphics & conceptualization to cater to the growing animation requirements of the international market. The company received excellent success and recognition in a very short time. We bring value innovation and growth to your business. Our impeccable manpower is our strength. We are constantly taking in new talented professionals in our organization. Our team has been formed after taking the best talents available in the whole of India. Automax Animations team has the zeal and talent to delivery any kinds of challenging jobs before the scheduled time.

Our Services

Automax Animations Services include state of the art technology and software along with a creative team that is dedicated and focused to provide you with the optimum results that are not merely satisfactory but beyond. Automax Animations draws upon the unique strengths and talents .Our 24/7 global structure allows for the highly efficient utilization of our technical and creative resources. Using secure network servers and powerful render farms, our artists form the basis of a virtualized company with 24-hour production capabilities, every day. Our supervisors and producers draw from a wealth of experience, a confidence in problem-solving, and a penchant for creative thinking. They apply the highest standards and best methodologies to our cost-effective hybrid workflow.

3D/2D Animations

3D Animation and modeling, Product Walk Through and presentation, Architectural Modeling and walk through, game models etc.

Film & Video Vfx Production

Previsualization, Set Supervision Concept Art, CG FX, Modeling, Matchmove, Rotoscoping /Keying, Destruction, Crowd Simulation, Compositing, Particle Effects/Water Simulation etc.

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Explosions,Bullets, Smock, Fire, Titles, Video Info, Background Cleaning, Matt Painting,Enviorment Effects,Colour Grading etc.


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U.F.O VFX Shot for Movie “TRICODE”

Jaipur: Stunning picture shows The Mysterious UFO flying through the sky above Chomu this Morning Jaipur, Rajasthan. A ‘Triangle Shape’ style spaceship has allegedly been spotted hovering in the sky in Jaipur. The People Were Saying Its comes Under the ground, stays some time on sky & suddenly gone.. After […]

आतंकियो और बुराइयों का खात्मा करने जल्द आ रहा है सुपर हीरो त्रिकोड | Upcoming Super Hero Movie “TRICODE” Release Soon

जयपुर | देश और दुनिया में बड रही आतंकियो की नापाक हरकत गरीबो और मजलूमों पर हो रहे अन्याय के खिलाफ लड़ने आ रहा है सुपर हीरो त्रिकोड ऑटोमेक्स एनीमेशन व् मेक्सवेव स्टूडियो के बेनर तले बन रही बहुप्रतीक्षित राजस्थान की पहली साइंस फिक्शन एक्शन फिल्म त्रिकोड की शूटिंग इन […]

Watch: Latest TRICODE Movie Motion Video”Be the Hero for better World”

The film is directed by Aditya Prajapati director,  known for Short films & Animation Projects, such as I see You & Automax Animations Creative SuperVsior. Tricode- be the Hero for Better World stars Indian actors Vishal Prajapat, Ankit Sharma, Hemant Sharma, Gaurav Narwal, Sunny, Chandan Kandpal and Khusbu Sharma. Touted as one of the […]